The Army Corps of Engineers has completed the NEPA process and Donlin Gold is preserving this EIS website for informational purposes. This site will remain unchanged and available to the public while this site is transferred to the possession of the State of Alaska.


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Donlin Gold Project EIS Newsletters:

  1. Newsletter #1 - Introduction and Scoping Process Begins (17.2 MB)
    December 2012
    Provides a basic introduction to the project, schedule & ways to get involved.
  2. Newsletter #2 - Scoping Results (1.8 MB)
    August 2013
    Provides a summary of the public scoping process and issues raised.
  3. Newsletter #3 - Development of Alternatives (1.4 MB)
    July 2014
    Summarizes the range of alternatives the Draft EIS will analyze and how the Corps developed them.
  4. Newsletter #4 - How to Get the Most from the Draft EIS (1.8 MB)
    April 2015
    Introduces topics and key issues that will be addressed in the Draft EIS.
  5. Newsletter #5 - Draft EIS Released (3.9 MB)
    December 2015
    Announces the review period for the Draft EIS, and the organization of the document.
    Please note that since the publication of this newsletter, Lower Kalskag and Tyonek have been added to the list of communities where public meetings on the Draft EIS will be held.
  6. Newsletter #6 - Public Comment Review (650 KB)
    November 2016
    Summarizes public comments on the Draft EIS.
  7. Newsletter #7 - Final EIS Released (2.1 MB)
    April 2018
    Announces availability of Final EIS & explains next steps for project.