The Army Corps of Engineers has completed the NEPA process and Donlin Gold is preserving this EIS website for informational purposes. This site will remain unchanged and available to the public while this site is transferred to the possession of the State of Alaska.

EIS Documents

To download a document, right-click on its title below and choose "Save as" from the menu. Before you download a file, please be aware of your connection speed and note the size of the file you want. Some files are very large and may take a long time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

For example, at a minimal dial-up modem speed of 56 Kbps, a 2 MB document will take about 5 minutes to download; a 25 MB file will take about an hour. With a high speed connection of 10 Mbps, files of both these example sizes would download in under 30 seconds.

Documents will be posted for download as soon as they are available:

* Many of the Final EIS files are very large, and may take several minutes to download.

The Final EIS documents contain hyperlinks that you can click on to jump to related sections in other documents. For this function to work correctly, you must first download all of the Final EIS documents.